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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Central Park in the Late Fall

"A0000000030" - Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Peaceful View in Central Park

"1269" - Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

The Chritmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

"1400" - Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

Inside Saint Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue

"1401" - Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

Fifth and Fifty Third

"1402" - Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The idea behind someone being in your target market or
not seems
fine from one perspective, but do you remember the
Beatles, and if you do - do you remember when was the
first time that you heard their music?

I do - back in the 60's and I believe that the first
time I heard some of their songs I did not like them -
not that much, but then sooner or later they turned up
on the Ed Sullivan show, and hearing them with
thousands of screaming girls in the background changed
my listening capacity for what they were playing, and
then they came to Forest Hills for their first live
concert in the U.S. where they were flown in by
helicopter, and my Friend bought a whole row of seats
6 rows away from them and gave me my ticket free!

I went of course and will never forget the deafening
screams, the pink hair rollers the girls were throwing
down with their phone numbers and love letters stuck
in them and then there was the girl who was sitting
next to me, who when the Beatles got on stage and the
crowd jumped up with unbounded energy and I stood up
with all of the others around me, all of us standing
on the chairs, this girl, this complete stranger threw
her arms around me, I was thirteen at the time and too
embarrassed to remember anything else, but from that
time on at least I was intent on learning what those
words and music were saying to the people there and
around the world and how I could tap into the
"electric juice" as I thought of it, that electrified
my entire world eventually, because I saw that even my
father, who at one time did not like that Beatle Music
stuff, eventually when it was toned down for his ears
was able to listen to it in a jazzed up way and maybe
some of it in it's original raw state as well.

So in reality, nobody in the beginning is part of
anyone's "market" until and unless they are exposed to
whatever it is that is being presented and
persistently enough, along with enough energy
enthusiasm and pier reinforcement so that they soon
become willing at least to listen to what is
happening with the girl next door! And then the music
becomes part of them!!!

This if course is my opinion, but even one of the
Rockefeller's has a quote right there in Rockefeller
Center about persistence being the most important key
to success - so I certainly hope eventually that you
become one of my fans:

thank you!


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

real estate and the new ways of doing business -

I had a person that I am somewhat familiar with walk up to me yesterday and tell me that he is starting his own thing - you know M&A and stuff like that - certain deals ranging from X to Y millions - and then he started running on about real estate (office space) and that it is hard to get in Manhattan - and then I expressed surprise since it seems to me that there are plenty of empty spaces abounding in the city at this point in time - and then I got it - rents for this person must be too exhorbitant at this time of his start-up and so he will be working from his home with a fax machine and a phone - you know the basic necessitites of a business and so another person moves into the "latest way" of doing business - the wave of the future - given enough time he just may allow himself to take a spot on the beachfront somewhere along the "Coast of the Apple" to conduct his business in a more congenial location -

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the potential customer

Not a second goes by in New York when a potential customer is not walking by me - next to me or behind me and it is my responsiblity to offer that potential customer the ability to make use of those services, and also to eventually show them that there are a continuously growing number of works of art that I am creating that they may also expose themselves to - in order to enrich their lives -

Sunday, April 10, 2005

any way you like your chinese food

don't worry - if you have to you can have some Japanese Sushi with it as well -