Wednesday, May 04, 2005

real estate and the new ways of doing business -

I had a person that I am somewhat familiar with walk up to me yesterday and tell me that he is starting his own thing - you know M&A and stuff like that - certain deals ranging from X to Y millions - and then he started running on about real estate (office space) and that it is hard to get in Manhattan - and then I expressed surprise since it seems to me that there are plenty of empty spaces abounding in the city at this point in time - and then I got it - rents for this person must be too exhorbitant at this time of his start-up and so he will be working from his home with a fax machine and a phone - you know the basic necessitites of a business and so another person moves into the "latest way" of doing business - the wave of the future - given enough time he just may allow himself to take a spot on the beachfront somewhere along the "Coast of the Apple" to conduct his business in a more congenial location -


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